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Payment Processing & Merchant Services

Looking for a credit card and payment processing company for your business?

Retail Merchants

Eliminate Credit Card Fees. Join Our Cash Discount Program

0% + 0¢

High-Risk Merchants

Nutra, MLM, BIZOP, Travel

In-Person Payments

Accept Payments In Person


Card-Not-Present Payments

Accept Payments On Your Website, Over The Phone, Or By Invoice


Payment Solutions for Businesses

At Buccaneer Merchant Services, we are all about simplifying your payment processing experience.

Our clients come first. We do not want you to stress about complicated checkout experiences that leave a bad impression.

To help you streamline your process we offer:

  • High and Low-Risk Processing
  • ACH Solutions
  • Industry-Leading Fraud Tools
  • Card Present + Not Present Hardware and Software
  • Cash Discount/Surcharge Program
  • Customer Support 24/7/365


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